2024 Superintendent Search

  • After leading our district since 2016, NTPS Superintendent Dr. Debra Clemens announced her retirement at the January 9 School Board meeting. Read Board President Gretchen Maliska’s comments. Deb’s final day with the district will be June 30, 2024.

    The NTPS Board of Directors is committed to engaging with the community and values your input as they begin the process of hiring a new superintendent. Updates on the superintendent search:


    • The Board completed a request for professional services and identified Ray & Associates to facilitate the process and recruit applicants.
    • Guided by the Board’s Organizational Continuity policy, Ray & Associates assessed the current environment, organizational strengths, and areas for improvement.


    • The Board gathered initial community input, including an online community survey and meetings with key stakeholder groups. The community shared the following priority characteristics for the Board to consider in selecting the next superintendent.

    The superintendent should:

    • Possess excellent interpersonal skills, present a positive image of the district, listen to input and be a decision maker.
    • Possess the leadership skills, knowledge and sensitivity required to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by a diverse student body and community. 
    • Have a strong moral compass that is rooted in justice and equality, and experience working with all genders, races, and socio-economic groups.
    • Be a strong communicator in speaking, listening, and writing and promotes a positive and professional environment that includes mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff, administrators, and Board. 
    • Have experience recruiting and maintaining exceptional staff for the district and schools.
    • Have classroom experience in a K-12 setting. 
    • Have experience with effective management and planning practices that will benefit the long-term financial health of the district. 
    • Be strongly committed to a “student centered” philosophy in all decisions. 
    • Promote positive and inclusive student behavior conducive to a healthy and safe learning environment with a deep understanding of special education that meets the individualized needs of each student. 
    • Have experience in selecting and implementing educational priorities consistent with the interests and needs of students, staff, and community. 


      • March 10–26: The Board will review applicants, conduct initial interviews of qualified candidates, and identify finalists.


      • April 10: In-person interviews of the finalists. The Board will ensure opportunities for finalists to engage with community members, NTPS staff, and families.