Credit Retrieval Program (Summer School)

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  • South Sound High School
    411 College St NE
    Lacey, WA 98516

    Office Hours:
    July 5-Aug 4

    Registrar: (360) 412-4861
    May 15-June 23

    Office: (360) 412-4880
    July 5- Aug 4

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How it Works

  • Tuition

    • Each class = .5 credits (Although highly discouraged, a maximum of two .5-credit classes can be taken).
    • $150 per .5 credits
    • 50% of tuition is due at the time of registration, with the balance due on June 30th. No refunds after July 1st.


    Regular and consistent attendance is necessary to be successful in Summer School. District Attendance Policy is strictly adhered to. Please read the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook for more information.


    • Pick up a registration packet in your school's Counseling Center starting May 15, 2017.
    • Submit 50% tuition with completed application packet to the student's school no later than the deadline of June 30, 2017.
    • Balance of tuition due by June 30th - no refunds after July 1st.

Please Note

    • Summer School courses are for credit retrieval or grade improvement only; students need to have taken the course prior to enrolling. Most of the time, courses are taken in Summer School because of a previous course failure. Others may choose to retake a course for a higher grade, but either way, the course must have been taken before. One important reason for this policy: the summer school program does not meet the required number of instructional minutes, or 'seat time' requirements.
      • Exceptions: Health (.5 credit) and Civics (.5 credit). Students may enroll in Health and Civics classes without having prior enrollment in the course. 
    • The credit retrieval policy includes the face-to-face Algebra 1 course that we offer (non-APEX) and ALL summer school courses (APEX). See our full course offerings.
    • In most cases, it is very unrealistic for a student to complete one full credit of math in our 4-week summer school program. Please discourage your student(s) from enrolling in two math courses.
      • Students seeking math advancement can enroll in accredited online courses (i.e. BYU). There may also be an opportunity for students to demonstrate content knowledge of Algebra 2 in order to move directly from Geometry to Pre-Calculus (contact David Cheney for more information).
Last Modified on July 7, 2017