Drumline Cymbals

Cymbals(We only do this when we can get our hands on an old junk cymbal...) 
This is one of the more fun additions to the band lore. We basically try to find a junk cymbal that someone doesn't mind donating to the cause and then take it out back with a sledge hammer and let each marching drumline member take their turn whacking the cymbal with the sledge hammer. They then get to sign their dent before the next person steps up. It's fun and constructively destructive (in a controlled environment). When we are all done, we spray it with a clear-coat protectant and hang it up on the wall in the percussion section.

It started in the Spring of 2007 when one of the students brought in a cymbal from his set wanting to get my help in torching it until it deformed to try to make it look and sound really cool. (He had just bought a new set of cymbals, and was looking for something fun to do.) Well, that failed miserably (maybe due to impatience), so we just took a sledge hammer and started beating it. He then thought it would be cool to get everyone form the marching line to do the same and then put it up on the wall.