Phillip (The Suicidal Bunny)

Phillip was a gift from the graduating class of 2006. He was given to me pre-hung (by the neck) at our end-of-the-year concert. The story behind the suicidal bunnies goes back to our Spring Break trip to Disneyland earlier that year. We played a concert in Sacramento and then checked into our hotel and went to the downtown mall for the afternoon/evening. I assigned a chaperone each hour to return with whatever kids wanted to go back and was the last one there (leaving at 9 PM with the last of the kids. While I was waiting around, I stepped into a bookstore and looked around, eventually finding my way to their "Humor" section where I found the Book of Bunny Suicides and the Return of the Bunny Suicides, both books full of drawings of rabbits committing suicide in interesting ways. Well, needless to say, I bought them and passed them around on the bus the next day between Sacramento and Anaheim and the suicidal bunnies became part of the mythology of the band. The seniors decide to give me my own suicidal bunny as part of their gift that year. It means so much that he is "hung" by the neck above the doorway to my office.