Senior Yearbook Quote Requirements


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For quotes to be accepted, seniors must follow the guidelines below:

  1. Submitted via the student’s school email.
  2. G-Rated, 150 or fewer characters.
  3. Positive, fun, and exciting content.
  4. NO double entendres!
  5. NO profanity. 
  6. NO acronyms. 
  7. NO gang-affiliated words or phrases. 
  8. NO drug or alcohol references.
  9. NO derogatory comments about other students or staff members.
  10. NO urls, music chords, or emojis.
  11. NO negativity.
  12. NO weblinks.
  13. NO questionable/inappropriate content.
  14. NO sexually explicit content.
  • Proofread, and make sure your quote is free of grammar, capitalization and/or spelling errors. 


    • The yearbook staff will not fix capitalization, grammatical or spelling mistakes.

    • If approved, your quote will be submitted as received.

  • If you're using someone else's quote, please be sure to ATTRIBUTE your quote to the proper person.

  • All quotes are subject to review by the yearbook staff and administration, if necessary. Failure to follow the guidelines above will result in the exclusion of your quote.

  • A second chance may be given at the discretion of the yearbook staff in very specific and limited situations. HOWEVER, students who submit a quote that clearly goes against the guidelines will NOT have a second chance.

Take your time, read the guidelines and choose your quote wisely.