Lynnette Rodriguez

A BIG congratulations to Lynnette Rodriguez, 1st Grade Teacher at Lydia Hawk Elementary - our Hawks Prairie Rotary Teacher of the Month! 

Lynnette was nominated by her colleague, Alisa Kucharski. 

Lynnette Rodriguez

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Lynnette Rodriguez the past few years. She demonstrates all the traits of compassion. She is helpful and kind when working with difficult students. I have watched her many times work with a student who is having trouble and she is patient and loving. Lynnette always takes kids who need a break from their own classroom and makes them feel welcome. She builds strong relationships with her students and they know she cares about them. She demonstrates the same compassion when working with our building staff. When I was injured earlier this year, it was Lynnette who took over. She planned lessons last minute for my guest teacher. She made sure my students were taken care of both emotionally and academically. She delivered tests and other student work to me while I was recovering at home so I could do report cards. Knowing that I am physically unable to lift anything or organize my classroom, Lynnette sprang into action. She is an amazing person and great member of our team. Lynnette goes out of her way to be helpful to students and staff members. She gives so much of herself and I am so grateful for her support. I would not have made it through this tough time without her." - Alisa Kucharski, 1st Grade Teacher 

The Hawks Prairie Rotary recognizes that teachers regularly give of their time and their own money to serve their students. Their “Teacher of the Month” award is made in collaboration with NTPS. In addition to the recognition at their club meeting, Hawks Prairie Rotary generously awards each recipient with a $100 gift certificate intended to help him/her purchase supplies for their classroom.


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