Kristen Anderson

A big congratulations to Kristen Anderson, English Language Arts Teacher at North Thurston High School, for earning the title of HP Rotary Teacher of the Month for October 2018! 

Kristen was nominated by Lori Borseth, Teacher at North Thurston. 

Kristen Anderson

"I am a first year teacher. First year ever, no practicum, no experience at all. Did not expect anyone to give me any "world of wisdom", but she did. In one of those first days of school, before having the students, we crossed each other when we both were going to the bathroom. Kristen just started talking to me, giving me unsolicited advice or "heads up"... And I thought to myself "what a nice lady". A couple of days ago, we ran into each other, and we talked and she mentioned how she was thinking about me, wondering how I was doing. Again she gave some advice. Even if I already knew/agreed with some of the things she told me, it doesn't really matter. The point is: there's a brand new teacher in the building. Everything is new to her. But why should I care or bother talking to her? I don't know... I know she did bother and she did talk to me. In fact, she was the only one. I had my mentor asking another teacher to give me some advice or tips, but that was not a voluntary act. Kristen did on her own. I think this was a beautiful act. Like I said, I did not expect anyone to talk to me in this regard, and it would be just okay if no one had, but realizing that she was the only one who did, made even more special."

The Hawks Prairie Rotary recognizes that teachers regularly give of their time and their own money to serve their students. Their “Teacher of the Month” award is made in collaboration with NTPS. In addition to the recognition at their club meeting, Hawks Prairie Rotary generously awards each recipient with a $100 gift certificate intended to help him/her purchase supplies for their classroom.


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