Baylen Ratliff

Baylen Ratliff Baylen Ratliff is a sophomore at River Ridge High School and was nominated by Alina Luce, the Program and Volunteer Coordinator for the Puget Sound Estuarium. Baylen is the Estuarium’s youngest certified Beach Naturalist, a title that is earned by voluntarily attending a bevy of trainings and a lot of time spent on the beach. He served regularly and steadily, providing critical support for free community outreach events. He also serves as an Estuarium Interpreter in the Estuarium’s main facility, spending his weekends talking to visitors and helping people of all ages understand the displays on topics ranging from Shark Month to Ocean Acidification. He has already volunteered 130 hours to the Estuarium this year. Ms. Luce stated that, “Baylen has a steady, patient way about him that will serve him well in years to come, and a gift for tactful leadership that has been a pleasure to watch develop. Many volunteers joked- somewhat seriously- that he will come back and be the President of the Estuarium one day!” Congratulations Baylen and thank you for your continued service to our community.

For more information about volunteering at the Puget Sound Estuarium, please contact Alina Luce at They would love to have more student volunteers!