April 2019 - Shannon Saucier & Lon Gehrig

This month's nominees: 

Tammy Wichman, Paraeducator, Chinook MS 

Shannon Baude, Paraeducator, Horizons 

Christopher Sutmiller, Custodian, Lydia Hawk 

Janeal Maxfield, Instructional Coach, Lydia Hawk 

Peter Allarde, Custodian, Lydia Hawk 

Shannon Saucier, PE Teacher, Nisqually MS

Terri Long, Health Room Assistant, Seven Oaks 

Alicia Howard, SRO, South Sound HS

Deanna Maddux, Assistant Director, Transportation 

Lisa Niendorf, Dispatcher, Transportation 

Lon Gehrig, Transportation Specialist 

Congratulations to Shannon Saucier, P.E. Teacher at Nisqually Middle School for being our Compassion All-Star and creating such an inspiring learning environment for our students !

Shannon Saucier

"Shannon Saucier makes everyone have fun in PE while they are learning. It doesn't matter what level the kids are at, she is awesome with all and able to adjust her PE classes for anyone and everyone. She is a school mom for so many of our kiddos that need that extra support. Shannon makes coming to work fun and watching her with the kids has made me a better teacher and more importantly, a better person. Thank you Shannon for making sure everyone at Nisqually MS belongs. Our Nisqually PE program would not be where it is at without Shannon Saucier." - Joel Hawkins 

Congratulations to Lon Gehrig, Transportation Specialist and resident Tooth Fairy, for being our Compassion All-Star and taking so much care with our students and families. 




"It is Friday night at 5:15 pm and I’m heading to my car. It’s truly been a week. As I am crossing the parking lot Lon Gehrig, Bus Driver from Route 20, is sitting in his car. I say goodnight, and ask, "why are you still here?" Lon pulls out a Rapid Memo and says,  "I've got to wait for this parent." He hands me the memo. As I’m reading it, he says, "I was asked to call this mom of a Kindergartner. A student lost her tooth on the way home from school. Mom said this was her first tooth and they really want it." They asked him if he’d search his bus and just look. I finish reading the memo and my question to Lon is, "did you search your bus?" "Way ahead of you, John.", he replies, and opens a paper towel which contains the missing tooth. "That’s why I’m still here" he says. "Mom's on her way!" 

I thanked him over and over for going back to search his bus and look for the tooth. I so appreciate him for his thoughtfulness, extra effort, and compassion. I can only imagine that the tooth will end up under a pillow and someone is going to get their first visit from the Tooth Fairy. All made possible by Lon Gehrig calling a parent on a Friday night before running out the door for a much deserved weekend.

I believe Lon’s actions to bring honor and distinction to North Thurston Public Schools and himself. Not to mention how thankful this Mom must be." - John Suessman 

A BIG thank you to our community business sponsors for providing the awesome prizes! We couldn't do this without you! Thank you for supporting our Compassion Learning Community! 


Compassion All-Star: Loni Gehrig

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Compassion All-Star: Shannon Saucier

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