What services are my children eligible for?

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One of our primary goals is to advocate for and support Native American students and families in our district. Your child has access to necessary school supplies year round. Just let us know. Family Culture Nights - Here we discuss program updates and business and students participate in a cultural activity. We currently have programs at River Ridge High School (and an office/classroom), Evergreen Forest Elementary, Nisqually Middle School, tutoring support at South Sound High School, and a developing program at Timberline High School. Native high school students can participate in South Puget Sound Community College's annual F.I.R.E. Summit and NTPS partners with Yelm Community Schools and the Nisqually tribe for our annual Native Education Summit for Teens (NEST). By signing up with the program it allows our program to more quickly respond and support your student. Eligible students may also access Johnson O'Malley funds to offset approved education expenses. There's much more!