Christine Forrey (NTHS '83)

Christine Forrey For North Thurston Public Schools alumna and Lacey South Sound Chamber President Christine Forrey, looking back at her time in North Thurston High School was a blast to the past, and a nostalgic reminder of the early ‘80s.

Christine Forrey (Center), basketball photo Forrey graduated from North Thurston High School in 1983, the first class to graduate from the  new (at the time) NTHS building. “I was a TA for most of my classes, so I really don’t remember the new school at all, in fact I do not think I ever made it to the second floor of the new school,” said Forrey. For her, high school was a time not only of schoolwork, but also a period intermixed with friends and companionship. “I enjoyed high school and friends, football games, the after gatherings at Pietro’s Pizza on Sleater-Kinney, cruising on Friday and Saturday nights through downtown Olympia and then doing the loop again and again,” said Forrey. “Skateland on the weekends as well, and before we could drive we all went on the Skateland bus. School dances, Tolo, Homecoming and Prom were highlights.”

Beyond Forrey’s recreational adventures, she discovered athletics during her junior and senior year. “I was a basketball player just for my last two years of high school, and even though I only played two years I still received a scholarship for basketball to college, something I am very proud of,” said Forrey. One of the more influential people in Forrey’s life was her Physical Education teacher and basketball coach, Kathy O’Kelly. “She was just not a coach of the game but also a coach of life. I learned so much from her and how to navigate through life and make choices that were hard but ultimately the best choices for my life.”

Forrey’s basketball experience extended past her two high school seasons. “I went on to college and played basketball and always remembered what Miss O’Kelly taught me.,” said Forrey. “She is a wise woman and someone I have admired all these years. She inspired me to tryout for my college basketball team and I made it!  She was always pushing me to be better than I thought I was.”

Forrey is a former local business owner and now works as a Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams. “I enjoy what I do!  I love helping clients sell or buy their home and helping Christine Forrey them transition from one situation to another with ease and be there every step of the way,” said Forrey. She shows great care and positivity within her field of work. “Buying and Selling a home can be the most stressful thing someone can do and I pride myself on being a great listener and making sure my clients needs always come first, so they walk away feeling cared for and getting exactly what they want.”

When she’s not out and about selling houses, Forrey loves getting her exercise on her Peloton Bike. “I love my Peloton and I ride daily, so it is more than a hobby,” said Forrey. Along with this, Forrey demonstrates herself as a creature of habit. Much like her high school days, she states, “I enjoy friends, going out and laughing!”

As a final reflection of her days in school, Forrey said, “I’m very proud to be a North Thurston Ram and am very happy with the education that I have received from NTPS.”