Ande Grantham (NTHS '13) & Nathanial Petty (RRHS '12)

Alumni join forces to create a successful business partnership

By Community Relations Intern: Ian Teodoro (Timberline c/o 2020)

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Combining their talents and skills, North Thurston High School alumnus Ande Grantham (Class of 2013) and River Ridge High School alumnus Nathanial “Tre” Petty III (Class of 2012) have created not only a strong partnership, but their very own company.

As the founders of Premier Design and Construction, Petty and Grantham have offered services in general contracting and landscape design since forming their business in November 2019. The duo uses their unique skill sets to both optimize their work within the field, currently working as the only employees within the company.“

There're three sides: the legal, the labor, and the business. I knew the business, [Grantham] knew the labor, we just had to learn about the legal stuff,” said Petty.

“We both go on every job, we go on every bid together,” said Grantham.

Trey standing atop a roof in construction gear. Previous to creating their company, Petty and Grantham continued their post-high school education. Petty graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2017 with a degree in biology. Soon after, Petty worked landscape design. Grantham went to Pacific University in Oregon, then transferred to Central Washington University where he found his footing working in construction and maintenance.

It didn’t take long for the two to realize the benefits of teaming up. “Over golf and beers, one day we came up with the idea to just do it for ourselves,” said Grantham. Before Premiere Design and Construction, Grantham primarily worked maintenance on the side for friends and family. “I was getting more and more calls, and so I had to go legit, but I was scared. Tre had a lot of confidence in me, he took all that off my plate,” said Grantham.

Before and after of one of their projects. The two have known each other since their days playing sports in high school. “We didn’t hang out because we went to different schools,” said Petty. In high school, both Petty and Grantham were three sport athletes. Petty spent after school hours practicing golf, baseball and basketball while Grantham respectively practiced baseball, basketball and football.

Currently, Petty and Grantham continue the traditions of their company’s founding -- golf. “We’re big golfers. I golfed in high school, he started a little late, but now we’re really big golfers,” said Petty.

Petty and Grantham believe one of the most valuable mindsets to hold while creating a company or doing anything outside your comfort zone is to “Just go for it.” Petty adds on to this, stating, “Don’t ask for advice, ask for support.”

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