Mi Kim (THS '07)

From apple fritters to maple bars, who doesn’t love a good doughnut! Mi Kim, Timberline Alumnae (Class of 2007), is now co-owner of Raised Doughnuts in Seattle, Washington where she spends her days creating these delicious treats for people to enjoy.

After graduating high school, Kim attended Western Culinary School in Portland, Oregon where she learned many skills that helped prepare her for a future in baking. Now a Pastry Chef, Kim has played a lot of roles in the kitchen, from busting out production in the bakery, managing staff, helping open new stores and working the pastry line in restaurants. “The last 10 years have been great and have helped me prepare for this new endeavor,” said Kim. Currently Raised Doughnuts only hosts pop ups around Seattle, but that is going to change soon as Kim and co-owner, Miun Liu, plan to open their first physical location in June, 2018.

Donuts from Kim's bakery. Since opening Raised Doughnuts in 2017, Kim has taken on many different roles. “In addition to creating the doughnuts and fun flavors, I’ve learned a lot about social media, photography, Photoshop, branding, design, negotiating leases, staining wood, and using a sander,” she laughs. “I love the freedom that owning your own business provides. Things are constantly changing, nothing goes to plan, but in the end it all seems to work out. The thing I love most about baking is production. I’ve always been the type of person to show love through cooking and feeding people. Coming in each day to make beautiful tasty items for people to enjoy is really fulfilling.”

Baking was in Kim’s blood. She grew up going to her parent’s restaurant to help out and would watch the Food Network with her best friend for hours in the summer when school was out. “When it came time to choose a senior project, I knew it would be about food/baking,” she said. “Timberline had a lot of great teachers and staff! I really enjoyed the Home Ec. class. I think learning to cook for yourself early on is important in leading a healthy lifestyle in the future.”

In high school, Kim was shy and reserved, but that did not stop her from being involved. She played soccer, bowling and tennis. “I was not good at any of them,” she laughs, “I was in it for the fun of just playing. She was also part of the school’s Cultural Awareness Club where she helped put on events all while making good friends. “My friends and I still laugh about the time when I got interviewed by the local news about the school’s bomb threats,” she explains. “They asked me what I think should happen to the person responsible, I got nervous and didn’t really know what to say so I just said, punished, punished a lot.”

Kim wanted to share some advice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts and possibly opening a restaurant or bakery. “Know that it’s a lot of hard work and long days. Always have goals and be flexible. Life doesn’t seem to go to plan, but if you work hard and persevere, you’ll end up exactly where you were meant to be!”

In her free time, Kim enjoys eating fried chicken wings, snowboarding and watching the movie, The Fifth Element.

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