Casey Crawford (THS '87)

Casey Crawford Starting off as a student to becoming a teacher to now having the role as a principal at North Thurston Public Schools, Casey Crawford is a true NTPS alumni!

Everything came full circle when Crawford started working for North Thurston Public Schools as a teacher for two years in the early ‘90s. Crawford attended Lydia Hawk, Nisqually, and graduated from Timberline thirty years ago (class of 1987). “I owe any professional success in life to my family and the staff at Lydia Hawk, Nisqually and Timberline,” said Crawford. “For 13 years, my teachers cared about me as an individual, pushed me to perform academically, and expected hard work on my part.”

The experiences he had at these schools as a student affected him in a positive way. “Ron Racus, Dan Clark, John Meyers and Chuck Mauer in elementary and middle school all pushed me in different ways. Too many teachers at Timberline to name, truly an amazing faculty, they made me want to do what they did for a living.” The teachers he had growing up were a significant factor in what led him to pursue education. “My teachers made their jobs look so enjoyable. There was little doubt I would join them as an educator.”

Teachers contributed largely to Crawford's pursuit in education, however, there were other factors that impacted his decision. “Retired NTPS district admin Jeff Peltier is still a mentor and was a big influence to pursue a principalship. My classmates were also inspirational then and they still inspire me today as parents and community leaders.”

Crawford was a teacher at NTPS for two years but in total he has 25 years in education and 19 as an administrator for K-12.

Crawford is now the current principal at Woodland Elementary School and has been for the past two years. “The kids are what make my job the best followed closely by our staff and supportive Lacey community.”

Written by Ashley Wang, Timberline High School, Community Relations Intern