Dual Credit Options

Advanced Placement (AP)
Eleven AP courses are offered at North Thurston High School beginning with the sophomore year. Students may choose to take as many courses as they wish, while working toward their high school diploma. Each course corresponds to an AP exam which is given in May. Exams are graded on a 1 to 5 point scale, with many colleges and universities granting college credit for scores in the 3 to 5 range (Note - It is important to check with specific colleges/universities to see if they will award credit).  North Thurston High School does not require that students who take the courses also take the exams; however, they are highly encouraged to do so.  Exams are fee-based, but assistance may be provided for students with financial need.
To enroll in the following AP courses, teacher recommendation is required:
  • Language & Composition (11th grade)
  • English Literature & Composition (12th grade)
  • Calculus A/B (all grades after Algebra II)
  • Calculus B/C (following Cal. A/B)
  • Statistics (all grades after Algebra II)
  • World History (10th grade)
  • United States History (11th grade)
  • United States Government (12th grade)
  • Chemistry (any grade, if passed or concurrently enrolled in Algebra II)
  • Physics (any grade, if passed or concurrently enrolled in Algebra II)
  • Music Theory (any grade)
 To learn more about the AP program, talk with your counselor and/or check out this link: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html.
College in the High School
NTHS offers six college-in-the-high-school courses: Spanish 103, French 103, English 101, Math 151, Math 152 and Physics 114.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn five college credits through the University of Washington for the World Language courses and South Puget Sound Community College for Math, English and Physics courses. For more information, contact the Counseling Center.

Running Start
Students interested in obtaining college credit while in high school may enroll in the tuition-free Running Start program through South Puget Sound Community College. Students can register for a maximum of 15 college credits per quarter (five college credits are equivalent to one high school credit). Credits earned while enrolled in Running Start will be applied to both the high school transcript and SPSCC transcript.
Running Start Eligibility:
  • Be a junior or senior at North Thurston High School.
  • Pass the Running Start Placement test and qualify for college level courses.
 Enrollment Steps:
  1. Meet with your counselor to discuss your interest in pursuing Running Start. 
  2. Apply to SPSCC.
  3. Find out about available Placement Test times here.  Take the placement test at South Puget Sound Community College (or other college).
  4. Bring placement test results back to your NTHS counselor to discuss course options and plan. 
  5. Register for Running Start classes at SPSCC or online. Bring your RS Verification Form to your NTHS counselor for their approval of your selected courses.  Use the NTHS/RS Course Equivalency Chart to see which RS classes count for NTHS graduation requirements.
  6. Turn in the RS Verification Form to SPSCC. 
**For more details about Running Start, check out SPSCC's informative website.  
New Market Skills Center
Students attending New Market earn high school credit, college credit and industry certifications and licenses.
How does it work?
  • Pass freshman and sophomore academic classes
  • Attend NMSC Open House for Fall Registration
  • Fill out a New Market Registration Form during NTHS pre-registration time
  • Turn in the form to your counselor or to New Market
  • Demonstrate commitment and interest in the professional business world
  • Transportation is provided from NTHS to New Market for both morning and afternoon 1/2 day sessions (FYI - no afternoon bus transportation returning to North Thurston HS will be provided on early release days; please also check with NMSC for special schedules during conferences/holidays)
  • Upon completion, students will earn 3.0 credits for the year
  • Certain programs have prerequisites - see your counselor for details
  • Some programs have fees - see NMSC if you need financial assistance with the fees 
For more information, meet with your high school counselor, call new Market at 360-570-4500, or visit New Market's website. New Market offers orientations every Friday throughout the school year starting at 8:15am if you are interested in learning more about their programs or seeing the facility.
Tech Prep
Tech Prep is an instructional partnership between Washington State Community Colleges and High Schools. Tech Prep puts high school students on the pathway to a college education by allowing them to complete technical classes while in high school. To earn Tech Prep credit, students must complete the course requirements, pass the class with a B or better and must sign up for Tech Prep credit while enrolled in the class. To learn more about Tech Prep and which NTHS classes earn Tech Prep credit, please visit SPSCC's informative Tech Prep page.