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Dedicated FYR Center Volunteers are helping from home!

A huge thank you to Family & Youth Resource Center volunteers, Amy Smith and Suzanne McKinley! They have both served as committed volunteers at the center since it opened in 2019 - and this year, they are helping from home. They are writing thank you letters to FYRC donors, packing hygiene kits, making snack bags and more!

Jennifer Gould, NTPS McKinney Vento Navigator, says "Amy and Suzanne have been instrumental in supporting the behind the scenes work of the FYR Center. Because they volunteered with us the year prior, they understood the center's needs, and have responded YES to every ask! Each week they fill their cars with new tasks, complete, and return the following week. They are an invaluable part of our team - we love their willingness to help, their fun stories of setting up workstations in their garages, and how it has brought them joy during this time."

Amy (left) and Suzanne (right) standing with flowers and supplies