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Spotlight on our volunteers ♥

Darcy Guyant posing in front of a bulletin board.

Darcy Guyant has been an NTPS volunteer since 2015! A retired military veteran, Darcy was looking for a place to get involved. "One day, I drove by Horizons Elementary, and I felt compelled to sign up and work there," he said. "It is a convenient location for me and part of my community. I love the kids - they are so energetic and excited. It gives me energy!" Darcy makes bulletin boards, prepares classroom materials, and supports reading and assessments. He also built the Little Free Library in front of the school.

Janet Darrah-Fastaband posing in front of a bulletin board.

Janet Darrah-Fastabend is a resident of Ovation at Oak Tree, one of the retirement communities in our area. Janet volunteers weekly at Meadows Elementary. When asked why she volunteers for NTPS, Janet answered, "When I was working, I often volunteered in first and second-grade classrooms. I love reading and want to help instill that love in young children. Now I have the time, so why not help?" Thank you, Janet!

Maddy posing outside the District Office

Maddy, a North Thurston High School senior, says, "I really like working with younger students. It brings me joy to see their big smiles when we interact. I have enjoyed meeting new people and how I have had an impact in those few short hours. For example, I volunteered for Tech Teen Genius at the Jubilee Community to help residents with smartphone shortcuts and social media. The feedback I received was nothing short of amazing. I love knowing I have changed their outlook so they can communicate more easily with their family and friends." Maddy hopes to become a firefighter or dentist. She plans to participate in an ROTC program in college which would allow her to join the military as an officer. Maddy plans to continue volunteering and giving back to her community wherever she lands, to the best of her ability.

Alicia Harrington posing in front of pictures in the District Office.

Alicia Harrington is a community member who is making a difference in our district. We asked Alicia what she liked about volunteering for NTPS. Her answer: "I really love the way NTPS puts a lot of effort into finding creative and impactful ways to celebrate the cultural diversity of its student population. Everyone I've met in the district has been so positive and kind. It's made my volunteer experiences a lot of fun!" Most recently, Alicia volunteered to work with young children of families who attended our in-person kindergarten registration help events. Thank you, Alicia, for all you do to contribute to the NTPS community!