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Try these 4 Chromebook maintenance tasks to keep your Chromebook running smoothly

Try these 4 Chromebook maintenance tasks to keep your Chromebook running smoothly: 

 Video on how to do Maintance

Clear Synced Tabs 

Chrome sync saves your tabs, bookmarks, extensions, and other settings, but all this stored data can slow down your device. Reset your sync regularly.  

  1. Click the tile on Symbaloo. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  3. Click blue button for Reset Sync. 


Clear Files Saved on the Chromebook 

Chromebooks have very little local storage. A few saved pictures can slow down the device. It is recommended that you move downloads and saved files from the Chromebook to the Google Drive.  

  1. Open the Launcher. Press magnifying glass key or click on open circle in the corner of the Chrome Shelf 
  2. If you see Files app icon, open it. If not, type "Files" in the search bar and then open Files app. 
  3. Look in Downloads Folder - you may see files, screencaptures, images and/or pictures taken with the device camera. 
  4. Delete files you don't need - select the files and then click backspace key. 
  5. Move files you want to keep to Google Drive - drag files to Google Drive  


Clear Cache & Cookies  

Students are not able to clear browsing history. This is a district device. Browsing history is not private and may be reviewed at any time.  

  1. There are two recommended ways to get to Clear Browsing Data:
    Click 3 vertical dots (upper right corner), select History & select History again
    OR use keyboard shortcut by pressing: "Control" + "H" 
  2. Click Clear Browsing Data from the left side menu 
  3. A popup window will appear.  Change the time range to 4 weeks or All Time and then select boxes for both basic and advanced. 
  4. Click Clear data. 


Update your Chromebook OS 

  1. Open the Status area on the Chrome Shelf (this is where you see the battery icon and time) 
  2. Click on the Settings Cog 
  3. Click "About Chrome OS" 
  4. Click "Check for Updates"