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Horizons Elementary gets a new roof & new entrance

As part of the voter-approved 2020 Construction Bond, three of the District’s older buildings, Horizons Elementary, Seven Oaks Elementary, and Meadows Elementary, will receive major improvements to the roofs, mechanical systems, and security. This summer, we will focus on two projects at Horizons Elementary:

  • Replacing the school’s 29-year-old roof. The replacement roof will have gutters, snow guards, and roof anchors, similar to other roofs installed throughout the district. The first system of this type was installed in 1983 at North Thurston High School. It lasted 36 years before needing replacement in 2019. 
  • Adding a secure entrance. This will allow school staff to monitor all visitors before they enter the building.

Next year, during the summer of 2022, we will replace the mechanical system at Horizons and replace the roof at another building.

A concept drawing of the new roof at Horizons.

Concept drawing of completed roof project at Horizons.