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Nisqually prepares to get new sewer system

Aerial view of the planned sewer project at Nisqually Middle School Construction and Design manages the State required Asset Preservation Program (APP) which applies to school districts that receive state assistance for school construction. Developed in 1992 the program is to ensure performance accountability; promote student health by maintaining building systems and maintaining an encouraging learning environment; extend building life, thus minimizing future capital needs. 

The 2020 Construction Bond is part of that answer and does not always take shape as a major modernization of a facility or site. The Nisqually Sewer Project is an example of a smaller project, but no less important.

Nisqually’s on-site septic system was found to be inadequate for the student population by the Department of Health last year. After thorough investigation it was determined that many of the system components were found to be damaged or failing.

A cost benefit analysis performed by the District determined it would be a greater benefit to the District and environment to install a new sewer system on the site. The estimated cost to replace the drain field and remove the damaged holding tank is about $1.8 million.

With no environmental impacts, local jurisdictions' approval, and WSDOT approval to install the necessary street work and the logistics of removing the old tired system, installing the new sewer system improvements will take place over the 2021 summer.

Once completed the system will have capacity for growth and be easier to maintain in the long term meaning least cost for future improvements. Old and failing pipes within the school will also be changed to accommodate the kitchen facility.

More work like this will be connected to the categories of Safety and Security and Neighborhood Improvements in the current 8-year Construction Bond approved by the voters. Stay tuned for more success stories.