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Update 3/3/21: Athletics Spectators

Dear families of NTPS student athletes,

The South Sound Conference South has developed options to allow spectators (parents) at some of the home team games/matches/meets. All events will be FREE.

To do this successfully and safely, we must continue to meet Department of Health and the state Phase 2 guidelines. There are many restrictions such as always wearing masks, maintaining the 6-foot physical distancing requirements, and allowing no more than a maximum of 200 people or 25% of capacity (whichever is least) at each event.

These numbers would include all persons within the facility including student athletes, coaches, referees, cheerleaders, trainers and other medical personnel, and support staff. This means there will be some differences between sports and schools due to facility (type, size, and location), the number of student athletes on each team and at each level (Varsity, JV and C-teams), and the number of home games left in the schedule.

Each sport has its unique challenges and therefor specific details for your student-athlete will come directly from your coaches. In general, we will all be working within these guidelines.

  1. Each program will have one “Senior Night”
  2. Minimum number of tickets would be 1 per senior athlete.
  3. Maximum number of tickets will be 2 per student on the team.
  4. Number of tickets depends on all the factors listed above.
  5. Each ticket will look like a ticket on one side and a NTPS visitors wellness attestation screening on the other side. Ticket and attestation must be presented upon entering the facility.

Your coaches and Athletic Directors are working extremely hard to make this a safe and successful season for all our student-athletes. Thank you for all your understanding and support during this first season.

Kevin Reimer
Director of Activities, Arts, and Athletics