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Chris Bacon (NTHS '01) & Jerome Comrie (RRHS '04) - Costco

Chris BaconLacey Costco is a popular community shopping spot for bulk bargains. It’s also a large employer for our area, including many alumni!

Meet Chris Bacon (NTHS c/o 2001), NTPS alumni and one of the experienced Costco staff members responsible for directly connecting Costco with the community. Working through Community Relations and Marketing, he specializes in furthering the outreach of Costco’s brand by exhibiting acts of service and partnerships throughout Thurston County.

“Marketing does business to business, community outreach events, reading programs with the schools, multiple donations, and lots of military events,” said Bacon. “Lots of partnerships with not just North Thurston School District, but other districts as well. Costco doesn’t do commercials, so we’re out in the community being that commercial.”

Jerome ComrieRecently, Costco teamed with NTPS as a new district Partner in Education or PIE partner. “We always did donations back and forth with NTPS and some events with NTPS, and they just reached out and said, ‘Hey, you guys are already doing all the things of a PIE partnership. Why don’t we just make it official and have you guys become PIE partners?’” said Bacon.

The core values of Costco’s marketing and brand aligned with all aspects of being a PIE partner, leading to their hand-in-hand cooperation with NTPS. "That’s a really big thing as to how Costco even became Costco -- it’s because of the community," said Jerome Comrie (RRHS c/o 2004), previous Marketing team member and current Membership Supervisor. “We go into these businesses and let them know, ‘Hey, we’re down the street and if you need help with anything on the business side or even just the employee side and appreciation, Costco wants to be a part of that.’”

As an NTPS alumni, Bacon has had plenty of experience with the district prior to the PIE partnership. A graduate of North Thurston High School, he attended Pleasant Glade Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, and Komachin Middle School, marking himself as a full NTPS alumni!

Early on, Bacon accredits his fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Whittle, for being a major source of inspiration. “Mr. Whittle was by far my favorite teacher that I ever had. He made learning fun and held us all accountable for our mistakes. He somehow managed to make that fun. He is the teacher that I had the most admiration for,” said Bacon. During Bacon’s high school years, one of the more influential experiences he had was his involvement in the NTHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club. “FBLA in high school really helped me in being prepared for the workplace and how to handle myself in a professional manner.”

Following his graduation, Bacon attended South Puget Sound Community College, where he held a job in sales and also decided to enter the baking program. Taking a surprising liking to baking, Bacon applied as a baker at Costco after completing his education at SPSCC.

After working as a baker for 10 years, Bacon was offered a unique opportunity within Costco’s marketing department. “I had no experience except for my sales background and the fact that I was outgoing and was an extremely fast learner. I beat out 10 other candidates for the job and have been in marketing ever since,” said Bacon.

Outside of Bacon’s work with Costco, he enjoys spending time with his two kids and two dogs. “We enjoy pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors. Like hiking, biking, fishing and sports. Most recently I went on hiking trips to Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks as well as Kauai. I am also a huge fan of all Seattle sports teams, including the Mariners,” said Bacon.

By Community Relations Intern Ian Teodoro (Timberline High School)