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Darcy Fast (NTHS '65) - Baseball Player

Darcy Fast as a CubDarcy Fast todayA young boy who always dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player grew up in Lacey, attended Lacey Elementary and graduated from North Thurston High School. This young boy was named, Darcy Fast and his dream came true.

Fast excelled at football, basketball and baseball at North Thurston. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in 1965 but decided that college was more important. In 1967, he got an incredible second chance when he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs. As one of their top pitching prospects, he quickly moved up the ranks and was called up to the majors in 1968. His career was interrupted again when he was called to serve in the Vietnam War.

Many speculate whether he might have prevented one of the most famous season collapses in pitching history had he been there. Inspired by his father, the pastor of Olympia Church of God (located on the corner of Lacey Blvd. and Ruddell Rd.), Fast eventually left his baseball career. Receiving a different calling, he dedicated his life to full-time ministry and spent more than thirty years at the Centralia Community Church of God. He is now a motivational speaker. For more information on Fast’s life and career, visit his website