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Kristopher Royal (RRHS '02) - Chiropractor

Kristopher RoyalKristopher Royal, also referred to as Dr. Royal, graduated from River Ridge High School in 2002 and is now a Chiropractor for Olympia Chiropractic Center. Dr. Royal also attended Seven Oaks Elementary and Nisqually Middle School, being a true NTPS Alumni!

After high school, Royal received his Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Washington and then went on to get his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Some of the teachers that inspired Royal to become a Chiropractor include, Mrs. Jennifer Keck, Mr. Todd Thedell, and Ms. Linda Huyck. “They were critical for helping me develop into what I do today,” said Royal.

In high school, Royal played on the golf team and was involved in the ASB Senate. “School was great! I enjoyed going every day and spending time with my friends,” said Royal. “Mr. Bates was tons of fun for student council. We always had a good time doing different activities.”

Today, Royal says the best part of his job is going to work every day. I offer hands on manipulations, and rehabilitative therapy. “What we do is look at the spine and find where the bones of the spine have come out of alignment. When the spine is out of alignment it puts pressure on the nerves which affects the way the body functions and over time causes pain and discomfort,” explains Royal. “What makes Chiropractic unique is that most people come to visit me in pain, and I get to figure out what is wrong and help them feel better. Almost all people leave my office with a smile, and it’s awesome to see them feel and move so much better.”

Olympia Chiropractic Center is a Partner in Education with Lydia Hawk Elementary. “Since moving back to Lacey, I wanted to get connected again to the schools that helped develop me into the person I am today and thought the Partners in Education Program would be a great way to get my foot in the door,” explains Royal.

In his free time, Royal enjoys eating pizza, watching his favorite move, Super Troopers and playing golf.

“My advice for students who are interested in becoming a Chiropractor is to study hard and pick a science degree,” explains Royal. It makes getting into Chiropractic School much easier. The requirements for chiropractic school are the same as medical school, so dedicating the time and energy early is critical.”

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