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Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy, Family & Youth Resource Center Kids' Closet

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Today, we are highlighting Peggy, who volunteers at the Kids’ Closet at the NTPS Family and Youth Resource Center. The Kids’ Closet provides clothes, toiletries, and other supplies to North Thurston families in need. Peggy is a resident of Panaroma City, and a member of their Homelessness Working Group. She writes a weekly column in the Panaroma newsletter on the specific donations needs of the Kids’ Closet, then collects supplies including handmade quilts from Panaroma residents and delivers them to the Kids’ Closet. She also creates welcome bags of basic household supplies for families and sorts through new donations. Teresa, who manages the Kids’ Closet, says she couldn’t do it without the help of volunteers. Thank you to all the Family and Youth Resource Center volunteers- Peggy, Carol, Mary, Lynn, Jan, and Amy! Learn more about the Kids’ Closet or sign up to volunteer: 

Peggy, holding a quilt in the Kids' Closet.