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Volunteer Spotlight: Jeannine and Dena, Salish Middle School Library

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Today we are highlighting Jeannine and Dena, who both volunteer weekly at the Salish Middle School library.

As Jeannine’s kids got older, she found there were fewer opportunities for her to volunteer. Working in the library, where she covers all the new paperback books (as well chaperoning high school band trips and serving as the Salish volunteer coordinator) allows her to continue being involved with her children’s schools. The Salish library serves as a welcoming place for all students, and Jeannine loves being a part of that space.

Dena is a retired school librarian who has lived and worked in Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah. When her family moved to Washington, she started volunteering at the Salish library to stay involved and use her librarian skills. Dena covers all the hardcover books and repairs broken books. Annette Wells, the Salish librarian, calls her Dr. Dena because she is “a genius when it comes to fixing broken books.” Annette says it would be impossible for her to process all the books without the help of Dena and Jeannine. Thank you, Dena and Jeannine!

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Jeannine and Dena posing in the Salish Middle School library.