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Volunteer Spotlight: Jarvis, Lunch Buddy Mentor

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Today, we are highlighting Jarvis, one of our Lunch Buddy mentors. Jarvis meets with his lunch buddy Elijah each week. They talk, eat lunch, and play games together. Jarvis is teaching Elijah chess, but their favorite game to play together is Uno. (Elijah usually wins, although they sometimes disagree on the rules.) Jarvis decided to become a mentor because he wanted to have a positive impact on his community. Growing up in Philadelphia, he had a teacher named Mr. Shutt who taught him chess and how to swim. Mr. Shutt had a lifelong impact on Jarvis, and he hopes to have that same impact on Elijah. Although he is the mentor and teaches Elijah skills like handshakes and chess moves, he also learns equally from Elijah. Elijah says that Jarvis is funny and kind, and that he loves playing Uno with him. Learn more and apply for our Lunch Buddy Mentor program:

Jarvis and Elijah playing Uno at a table.