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Julie Davis Shines in the Seven Oaks Art Room

Julie Davis has been helping in the art room at Seven Oaks Elementary for more than 18 years! She began volunteering in 2004 when both of her children attended Seven Oaks and continued helping even after her children transitioned to middle school and then graduated. Even when Julie is stressed or exhausted, she volunteers in the art room four days each week and says helping students with art restores her mind, heart, and overall wellbeing. Julie also loves to learn new art skills while helping students. She supports Ms. Royce Vanveen, the current Seven Oaks art teacher, and has been a great help with the 2022 all-school Mental Health Awareness art project, 'Together We Shine Brighter.' 

Art room volunteer Julie DavisVolunteer Julie Davis and Art Teacher Royce Vanveen standing with student artwork