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2/3/22: NTPS Statement: Update on RRHS student walkouts

February 3, 2022

Student and staff safety remains our top priority. There is still a group of students who have chosen to participate in this non-school sanctioned walkout event. Administration has requested they be respectful and to not disrupt the school environment as classes and finals are in session.

NTPS is committed to investigating all allegations of racial harassment, sexual harassment, and/or assault reported by our students. Our staff is committed to developing strong relationships with our students so that they feel safe in sharing their concerns with staff.

Our district has provided additional support to River Ridge staff during this time to help ensure student learning continues. NTPS Director of Equity, Dr. Antonio Sandifer, has also provided students and their parents with an opportunity to share their concerns. The district has a long-term commitment to providing a safe and compassionate learning environment for all students and addressing student concerns in a timely way.

The students have informed us that they plan to continue their walkout on Friday. While we acknowledge the concerns of students and their right to freedom of speech on a school campus, this is not a school-sanctioned event.

-North Thurston Public Schools