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1/31/22: NTPS statement regarding Student Strike

January 31, 2022

North Thurston Public Schools values student voice and is committed to continuous improvement. We have created opportunities to hear directly from students through annual student surveys and expansion of student organizations.  Existing lines of communication provided to students include our school-sponsored Black Student Unions, Principal Student Advisory Councils and Superintendent Student Advisory councils. Yet we are open to other options that create open and constructive dialogue between our students and leadership and have started implementing community cafes to hear the voices of families as well.

We will continue to listen to concerns shared by students and families and thoroughly investigate all reports of injustice. February is Black History Month, which is an opportunity for us to honor the contributions, triumphs, and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. History. During the month through our advisory programs, we will be providing lessons and more time for student discussion about the issues of race and equity. 

As a school community, NTPS is committed to actively listen, learn, and seek to understand our differences while respecting all human beings regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, social class, ability, religion, or sexual orientation.   We know that by building strong relationships between students, staff, and families, we can create a safe school environment where all feel welcome, accepted, and valued for who they are.

-North Thurston Public Schools