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Board Meeting Highlights from March 5, 2024

The NTPS School Board recognized the leaders of the North Thurston Citizens for Schools Committee for their tireless efforts to educate the community about the replacement educational programs and operations levy and the capital levy for safety, technology, and facilities improvement. The community voted to approve both measures in February.

The Board heard school improvement plan updates from principals representing our elementary, middle, and high schools. The plans focus on academic goals as well as social-emotional goals. (We post each school’s improvement plan on their website in the fall and spring.)

Principals updated the Board on a variety of school initiatives and issues, including efforts to ensure students are involved in at least one club or extracurricular activity to offer a sense of community and belonging (NTPS Strategic Plan Goal 3—Responsible, Resilient, Empowered Learners, Outcome a: Increased percentage of students participating in at least one positive school or community-based activity). From robotics club to a Polynesian dance team to building a school garden, our schools support student engagement.

The School Board seated at a table listening to a presentation from leaders, seated opposite.

Four leaders of the North Thurston Citizens for Schools Committee, posing.