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Thank You for your support NTPS community!

Thank you to the North Thurston Public Schools community for your continued support of our students, staff, and schools! Voters have approved both NTPS funding measures on the February 13 ballot. These measures will help us reach our strategic goals by providing schools that foster learning, academic growth, critical thinking, and student success after graduation.

The educational programs and operations (EP&O) levy bridges the funding gap between what the state gives and what the district needs to prepare our students for life after graduation. This levy ensures our students are college and career ready by preparing them to pursue a skilled trade, community college, university, or military service. The EP&O levy funds STEM education and additional staff, such as nurses, teachers, mental health specialists, and school counselors.

The capital levy makes necessary safety improvements at schools throughout the district, supports facilities updates at almost every school, and invests in modern classroom technology.

Thank you to the volunteer Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) for their hard work evaluating the needs of the district and making their recommendations for our funding measures. Thanks to the NTPS School Board for approving funding measures for the ballot that put our students first. And thanks to North Thurston Citizens for Schools for volunteering their time to ensure our community understood why these measures were needed.

By approving these propositions, our community has committed to helping us ensure that all students are empowered and future ready!