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Board Meeting Highlights from January 9, 2024

Highlights from the NTPS School Board meeting include:

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, Superintendent Deb Clemens gave the Board members a token of gratitude from the district for their hard work.

Pleasant Glade Elementary School Principal Jessica Flanick and Leadership Club Facilitator Nicki Goodwin shared how their 4th and 5th grade students participating in Leadership Club serve the school community. Leadership students read with younger students, assist with kindergarten classrooms, lead campus clean-up efforts, and more! The Pleasant Glade Leadership Club aligns with our district strategic plan Goal 3: Critical Thinkers and Solution Seekers, Outcome a: Increased percentage of students participating in at least one positive school or community-based activity.

The Board received an update on strategic plan Goal 1: Success in the Early Years. We offer high-quality preschool opportunities throughout our district. The presentation included a focus on district efforts to ensure students enter kindergarten with the social and emotional skills and other skills needed to thrive.

Superintendent Deb Clemens announced that after serving the North Thurston Public Schools community since 2016, she is retiring at the end of the 2023-24 school year. Read about Deb’s future plans and her accomplishments in partnership with the Board, NTPS staff, and community members!

Orchestra students performing, students being greeted by the School Board, and students standing in a line to present.