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Board Meeting Highlights from November 14, 2023

Highlights from the NTPS School Board and the Nisqually Tribal Council special meeting include:

  • NTPS Board members presented Tribal Council members with floral arrangements created by the River Ridge High School horticulture class with teacher Chelsea Smith. The horticulture program at River Ridge focuses on scientific principles related to cultivating garden plants, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Students focus on plant biology (botany), plant production for use in kitchens and homes, the critical thinking skills required in the laboratory, scientific gardening, and job-ready skills that include operation and maintenance of equipment necessary for greenhouse production and preparation of harvested plants.
  • Nisqually Tribal Council members provided an update on the Quiemuth Resort and Village Projects planned for northwest of the Interstate 5/Marvin Road interchange. This site was integral to the Nisqually people’s traditional seasonal lifeways before American colonization.
  • NTPS leaders provided an overview of two levies that will be on the February 13, 2024, ballot: a replacement educational programs & operations levy and a capital levy for safety, technology, and facilities improvements.
  • NTPS leaders updated the Board and Council members on ongoing work to ensure meaningful Since Time Immemorial curriculum implementation. This includes professional development for more than 800 NTPS staff at the Nisqually Cultural Center and building a robust staff intranet section with information and resources.
Jennifer Thomas handing a Nisqually board member a bouquet of flowers.
NTPS Board member Jennifer Thomas hands a bouquet of flowers arranged by River Ridge horticulture students to Tribal Council member David Iyall.