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Culture of Kindness Spotlight: Autumn Cummings, Pleasant Glade and Chambers Prairie Elementary Schools

Autumn giving students high-fives on the playgroundEach month we feature a staff member who embodies our 2023-24 district theme, Culture of Kindness. Autumn Cummings is the assistant principal at Pleasant Glade and Chambers Prairie Elementary Schools. 

Autumn is tireless in her efforts to support positive behavior and restorative practices. She ensured recess paraeducators got professional development on how to align their supervision with social-emotional goals and secured grant funding to purchase games and supplies to engage students in fun playground activities on the playground where they could practice those social-emotional goals. Autumn offers training, coaching, and support on restorative practices for staff.

Autumn actively gives back to the community. She is involved in Relay for Life Thurston County, works in support of the Grinch Foundation, and volunteers her time to other charities to support students and families in Thurston County. 

Tell us about yourself.
I am the assistant principal at Pleasant Glade and Chambers Prairie elementary schools. This is my second year in the position. Previously I was a kindergarten teacher for 15 years. I've been in NTPS for nine years. I love to paddleboard and spend the day on the lake. I enjoy traveling to Mexico to be on the beach and enjoy the sunny weather. I have two nephews, Jack (15) and Owen (13), who I enjoy spending time with. I spend my downtime volunteering for the American Cancer Society and other local non-profits.

Autumn working 1-on-1 with a student in a classroomWhat do you like best about your job?
I love my job as an assistant principal. My favorite part of my job is supporting teachers, families, and students: Building positive relationships to work together to help with anything they need. Sometimes it's finding resources to help with barriers and other times it's just listening and supporting with compassion. I have enjoyed partnering with local businesses and non-profits to support some of our events and initiatives at our school. It's great to get others involved in supporting our school and to show students that others are invested in their education as well.

What does a Culture of Kindness mean to you?
Building positive relationships and supporting one another with empathy and compassion within our schools. This promotes a sense of community within our school where everyone belongs and is kind to one another. It creates a ripple effect in the community when we focus on kindness. It might start small as a smile or giving a compliment and can grow into volunteering and giving back to our community in so many ways. Every act of kindness counts.