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Board Meeting Highlights from September 5, 2023

Highlights from the September 5, 2023, School Board meeting:

The Board recognized All Kids Win, a nonprofit based in Thurston County that provides weekend food bags to middle and high school students, including NTPS students. Their mission is to provide weekend food to actively end the cycle of hunger and housing insecurity, one student at a time. The Board thanked All Kids Win for their work supporting NTPS families.

The Board heard an update on Strategic Plan Goal 2, Outcome d. (Responsible, Resilient, Empowered Learners, Increased percentage of students open to and accepting cultural diversity.) The percentage of students district-wide who responded "almost always true" to questions relating to a supportive learning environment has dropped. This may be due in part to fewer students taking the survey.

The district will focus on improving the number of student responses.

The district is focused on several strategies in the 2023-24 school year that align with this outcome. For example:

  • District-wide implementation of Since Time Immemorial, a curriculum to support the teaching of tribal sovereignty, history, and contemporary affairs.
  • Expanding our dual language program to a second school (Mountain View Elementary).
  • Gender-inclusive schools professional development to support LGBTQIA+ students.
  • Year three of the One School, One Book program at all elementary schools to explore social justice standards and build a sense of school community.
  • Year two of the Embracing Equity Leadership Residency.

Three photos from the meeting: Shaking hands, the board at a table listening to a presentation, and two recognized people