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Board Meeting Highlights from January 24, 2023

Here are highlights from the January 24, 2023, NTPS School Board meeting:

  • Good news from North Thurston High School Principal Nick Greenwell:
    • NTHS supports students who are English language learners through instructional strategies, curriculum, social-emotional learning, and clubs. NTHS students and teachers spoke about their efforts to ensure English language learners have the resources they need to succeed.
    • Within four years, the graduation rate among ELL students at NTHS has increased by 30 percent!
  • The Board recognized the Boys & Girls Club of Thurston County for the organization’s support and commitment to NTPS students. The Boys & Girls Club has two clubs in our community that serve 268 NTPS students and offer a safe place for students to learn and grow, surrounded by caring and inspiring staff.
  • The Board received an update on Strategic Plan Goal 4: Continuous Growth, All Students, All Subjects. We aim to see growth in 60 percent of K-5 students served with Title 1 and Learning Assistance Program interventions for math and reading. This past year, we achieved that in two grade levels in math and saw significant growth in reading in grades 1 and 2. As we continue our pandemic recovery and attendance improves, we expect our evidence-based interventions will have a greater impact on student growth toward meeting standards.