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Board Meeting Highlights from January 10, 2023

Here are highlights from the January 10, 2023, NTPS School Board meeting:

  • Good news from Lakes Elementary School and Principal Taylor Swedberg:
    • Lakes’ students highlighted their participation in choir, cross-country, and other club opportunities. Participation in these activities aligns with Strategic Plan Goal 3, Outcome a: Increased percentage of students participating in at least one positive school or community-based activity. Principal Swedberg also discussed teachers’ work developing and communicating clear learning intentions and success criteria.
  • Superintendent Debra Clemens acknowledged January is School Board Recognition Month, and she read Gov. Jay Inslee’s 2023 proclamation recognizing the important role boards play in promoting student learning and achievement.
  • The Board approved an elementary school boundary review. Board approval was the first step in the process. NTPS leaders and community members will review school boundaries in the first half of 2023 and bring any recommendations to the School Board this spring. The focus of the review is elementary schools. The review may not result in any changes. It’s good practice to review boundaries periodically. More information on the Boundary Review Committee page >>
    • This boundary review will assess whether we are ensuring:
      • Balanced schools in terms of size and socioeconomic diversity
      • Continuity in K-12 experience for cohorts of students
      • Efficient and effective transportation—kids are in classrooms and not buses, and use walking zones when appropriate
    • NTPS will provide multiple ways for the community to provide feedback and participate in the review process. The boundary review committee will include school staff, family members, and high school students to help ensure robust feedback and multiple viewpoints are considered.  We also plan to host one or more town hall meetings to engage with the community. More information will be shared on the NTPS webpage in the coming days.
  • Director of Early Learning, Dianne Heckman, updated the Board on Strategic Plan Goal 1: Success in the Early Years. She shared that while the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have had a negative impact on kindergarten readiness, our data are trending in the right direction for ensuring students enter school ready to succeed. Dr. Heckman shared information about the Success in the Early Years Family Education Series, which is a free online series NTPS offers to support school readiness. More information on the Family Education page >>