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Solution Seeker Spotlight: Katie Tingle, Ignite Family Academy

Each month we feature staff members dedicated to being Solution Seekers in their schools.   

Katie Tingle with a studentKatie Tingle, K-2 teacher at Ignite Family Academy, teaches her students perseverance to help them become lifelong solution seekers. She has had countless opportunities to problem-solve while growing our new school for at-home learners, and says flexibility and understanding are essential. 

Tell us about yourself.  

I am a K-2 teacher at Ignite Family Academy and have been with NTPS since 2010. I have taught multiple grades K-8 and have enjoyed them all! I currently support families with their at-home learning and teach in-person classes that are customized to meet the needs of my K-2 students. I became National Board Certified in 2017 and renewed my certification in 2021. I am in my third year as a Washington State Science Fellow and help lead professional development for science with NTPS. I am also part of the OSPI Integration Cadre and am collaborating with other teachers to find a way to make integration meaningful and productive for all teachers. I am passionate about making learning fun and bridging the gap between school and home.  

I love spending time with my family and going on adventures with my own kids! I am a huge Seattle sports fan and especially enjoy cheering on the Seahawks and Mariners. My whole family loves to play golf together and visit the beach. 

What do you like best about your job?   

Katie planting seeds with students

My absolute favorite thing about teaching is watching a student learn something new or reach a new goal. I love celebrating success, no matter how big or small, but also making failure something we can use to learn and grow. I enjoy building relationships with students and families and supporting them with whatever they need at home. I strongly believe teachers have the power to create a lasting impact on their students and make a positive difference in the community and our future.    

Why is being a Solution Seeker important to you?   

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, and it is very empowering for teachers and students to work through those challenges and find solutions. Perseverance is so important in the classroom and out in the world. I want to always be someone who helps students see their potential and encourages them to work towards their goals even when it’s hard. Believing in yourself makes a huge difference and can be a guiding force in finding solutions to big or small problems. As teachers, we can provide students with strategies they can implement in their own lives to become lifelong solution seekers.   

Can you share a story where you experienced problem-solving in action?   

Katie with her class on a field trip

I have faced many challenges that come along with starting a brand-new program! Flexibility and understanding have been essential to the process. As I get to know families and students here at Ignite, I can build strong relationships and find out what my students need to succeed. As a part of this new ALE program, I am constantly reflecting and learning myself! I have realized the importance of all schools working together as a team to best support our students, including those at-home learners! 

I have one student in particular who is a great example of this! I worked closely with his family and neighborhood school to create a plan to best support him and his family with at-home learning and classroom learning. It took time, but we developed a strong positive relationship, and he became very successful in class. I spent my planning or lunch once a week going with him to class at his neighborhood school as a support system in a new environment. I was able to advocate for his needs, support his family and at-home learning, and work with his neighborhood school to provide opportunities for success. We all came together to meet his needs and do what was best for him.