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NTPS leaders honored for attendance, graduation, and partnerships (1/30/20)

River Ridge leadership hold their award The district held their semi-annual leadership awards recently at ESD 113 in an effort to recognize the initiative and accountability of principals and other administrators and their staff. “Our leadership works tirelessly on behalf of our schools every day to help implement our Strategic Plan goals and promote student success,” said Supt. Debra Clemens.

This year’s awards went to the following:

  • Timberline High School – Principal Paul Dean and his staff were recognized for attaining their all-time high graduation rate of 95 percent! They also closed the achievement gap in this area, with a 100 percent graduation rate for several subgroups, including Black-African Americans, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, students of two or more races, homeless and ELL.
  • Evergreen Forest ElementaryStephanie Hollinger accepted the award for her school which had a median student growth percentile (SGP) of 82 for 5th grade special education students. These students’ growth compared to other students with similar prior test scores was outstanding! This is especially impressive given that this school had previously been identified as in need of improvement for Special Education.
  • Meadows, Salish, North Thurston and Pleasant Glade -- The first three schools were honored for having the highest attendance rate by the end of December – 73.3%, 67.87%, 61.18% respectively. Pleasant Glade was honored for having the most improved attendance from 68.4% to 69.89% (Quarter 1 last year to Quarter 1 this year).
  • North Thurston High School – Principal Nick Greenwell and Asst. Principal Trent Truesdell donned plastic fire hats but their award was a serious one for balancing many challenges this year including the construction of the school – now reaching its final phase!
  • River Ridge High School – Asst. Principal Mike Smith and Principal Serenity Malloy received honors for the school’s ongoing partnership and collaboration with the Nisqually Tribe, including professional development for all their staff with tribal members.
  • Dawn Long, Human Resources Director – Ms. Long was honored the “Stronger Together” Award for her ongoing work in human resources dealing with challenging cases.
  • Brad Hooper, Career & Technical Education Director – Mr. Hooper was given the “Big Spender” budget award for planning ahead for program needs.
  • Karen Johnson speaks at a podium Chinook Middle School - Principal Kirsten Rue thanked the group for her award, which recognized that 94.4 percent of Chinook’s 6th graders were passing all their classes.
  • Mountain View Elementary - Principal Heather McCarthy and Asst. Principal Taylor Swedberg were recognized for the many great partnership the school has with the community, including churches, non-profits and countless volunteers who help supply food for their students on the weekends.
  • Early Learning AwardHeather McCarthy at Mt. View Elementary School was honored for expanding preschool programming to serve more students!
  • Karen Johnson, Director of ELA, Social Studies and Libraries - The District Initiative Award went to Karen Johnson for her team’s work around foundational skills for early readers.
  • Pleasant Glade Elementary – Principal Andrew Pitman and his staff were given the “Scrambler” Award. They saw 61 new students arrive during September – about 15 percent more than they had expected!