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New Auxiliary Gym at River Ridge High School Up and Running for All Sports (10/15/19)

Mockup of the River Ridge Gym The Auxiliary Gym at River Ridge High School is Ready for Students

By Madison Mercado, River Ridge student

The much awaited Auxiliary Gym at River Ridge High School is now in use since the September 29 grand opening and ribbon cutting. The gym was paid for by a bond passed in 2014 and is now a staple to the appearance of the school, getting one step closer toward the eventual full-campus modernization.

The new gym is a “classroom first,” stated Serenity Malloy , River Ridge High School’s principal. It is a new facility for students at the school to learn about physical fitness and sports in a better environment that can best suit the growing size of the student population. The gym is currently being used by most school-sponsored athletic teams after school and P.E. classes during the day. Community involvement is, however, still important to the connection and reputation that River Ridge High School holds in the city, as seen with the pool and outdoor fields used by Lacey Parks and Recreation groups and classes.

The gym completed and built. At this time, the Auxiliary Gym is not available as a rental facility for the public, as the pool, gym, and theatre are currently. There is still small bits of maintenance to do before it can be rented by members of the community. However, the new gym is ultimately a place for the students to utilize for sports that was not available to them before. Most notably, the Cheer and Dance Teams are practicing in the new auxiliary gym, now, instead of in the small commons space in two of the individual “houses” on campus. The girls’ and boys’ basketball teams that share the winter season will also have the space to practice at the same time, whereas, before, they had to share the main gym at multiple different times. The gym is a new convenience that student athletes are happy to take advantage of.

Recently, the gym has also been used to host C Team Volleyball games, pre-season wrestling conditioning, and a Community Girls and Boys Basketball Clinic by the River Ridge girls’ basketball coach, Gabby Wade . Volleyball practices are also being relocated to the space during other events that need the gym, such as Fall Conferences. These events, while also involving community members, are school-sponsored and are not the same type of renting that an organization, such as the City of Lacey Parks and Recreation, would do.

The River Ridge High School students and athletes are excited and enthusiastic about the additional space for practice and games and what’s to come for their school in the future.