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Lakes students receive the Literacy Champion Award

Lakes Elementary would like to congratulatethe Lakes Elementary Paws of Time Newspaper student staff for the Literacy ChampionAward. 

These fine students volunteer their time and energy to compose andpublish the Paws of Time school newspaper.  This monthlypublication is a vital part of our literacy community at LakesElementary.  Many of our teachers use the newspaper to expose students toinformational/explanatory text and to teach grade level readingstandards.  Further, each issue includes school, community, and world eventsto help our students and staff keep abreast of the local and world news. The 4th -6th graders on our newspaper staff representauthentic authorship - each issue provides an opportunity to write for aspecific audience and purpose.  They identify their own topics, interviewstaff and students, draft, edit, and finally publish utilizing currenttechnologies under the guidance of Mrs. Yolanda Callero. They are modelcitizens of a literate community.


In addition to their important contributionsto our literacy goals, this group of 26 students provide leadership for schoolspirit and events.  In the absence of an ASB, the newspaper staff identifyand promote sprit days, volunteer at PTA functions, and conduct fundraisers topurchase items that enhance and beautify our school grounds. This year, theypurchased a customized “Lakes Leopards” bench for students and parents tocongregate in our courtyard.  In its third year, the Paws of TimeNewspaper has made invaluable asset to our school.  We highly recommendthe students engaged in this process as recipients of the Literacy ChampionAward.