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NTPS qualifies for $1.65 million in Safety Net

North Thurston Public Schools has been preliminarily awarded approximately $1.6 million reimbursement for expenses related to student programs connected to Special Education.

“North Thurston Public Schools is committed to each child’s success,” said Dr. Debra Clemens, Superintendent for North Thurston Public Schools. About 16 percent of NTPS enrolled students receive Special Education services. “This award will allow us to continue our focus on the instructional needs of students who qualify for services.” Official awards will be announced in August.

Known as Safety Net, this mechanism provides school districts a way to reclaim extra expenses they have spent on student programs above the reimbursement rate provided by OSPI. To be considered for Safety Net reimbursement, each student must have a procedurally compliant Individual Education Plan (IEP) clearly outlining the need for all services and accurately reflecting student programs that are allowed.

“This work requires meticulous attention to detail, compliance and technical paperwork,” said Karen Remy-Anderson, Executive Director of Student Support. Under her leadership, the district brought in a huge increase in Safety Net dollars this year. “I’m extremely proud of our Safety Net team who worked tirelessly to make sure we met all the requirements and reviewed each child’s IEP for submission.”

The district wishes to recognize Remy-Anderson, as well as Special Education Directors Tyler Stiner, Kari Lewinsohn, and Dianne Heckman, Director of Early Learning and Special Education Programs. Thanks also goes to Special Education Specialists Leslie Arias, Greg Govan, Cora Valadez, and Linda Dittmar, as well as Office Professionals Debi Marmion, Financial Services Technician Barb May, and grant specialist Jennifer Carrougher.

“We have an incredible team of professionals working every day on behalf of our most vulnerable students,” Clemens said. “Safety Net is just another example of how our district is working to be good stewards of our taxpayers’ dollars. By securing this state funding, we can use local levy dollars, approved by our voters, to support student programs aligned with our Strategic Plan goals!”