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10 students earn Varsity Letter of Service (6/13/19)

The Board of Directors recently recognized 10 outstanding students who earned a varsity letter for volunteering. Students in grades 9-12 who volunteer 145 or more hours of service in a year can earn their school varsity letter, the same as those earned by athletes and musicians. At least 50 of those hours must be non-school related volunteering. Students must also meet the 2.0 GPA Requirement.

The program positively reflects the district’s Strategic Plan’s Core Beliefs, including “student voice increases engagement and belonging in our learning community” and “compassionate attitudes and actions create a culture of service.

“It’s a chance to recognize those students who go above and beyond serving others,” said Courtney Schrieve, Executive Director of Public Relations and acting liaison for the volunteer program. “Giving back is in their core being even at a young age.”

Students volunteered at a variety of programs, including Girl Scouts, Animal Services, hospitals, the South Sound Reading Foundation, Point Defiance Zoo and more!

Congratulations to the following students representing all four high schools:

  • Alexzandra Stickney, South Sound
  • Mia Uhl, N. Thurston
  • Cindy Doan, N. Thurston
  • Thomas Halterman, N. Thurston
  • Abigail Moldenauer, Timberline
  • Ishi Agrawal, Timberline
  • Lyric Gomez, Timberline
  • Corinne Sharpe, Timberline
  • Keyona Tartt, River Ridge
  • Gracie Meives, River Ridge

Two North Thurston students holding their letters.