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Student of the Month: Cora Sharpe (2/6/19)

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Student of the Month takes love of animals to a whole new level

Snakes. Tortoises. Bearded Dragons. These are just a few of the critters that Cora Sharpe, a Timberline senior, has fostered for Thurston County Animal Services for the last 5 years. To date, she has logged over 160 hours at the shelter, not including the countless time she commits to fostering exotic animals. Cora is very knowledgeable about these strange breeds; she can often be found in a local pet store sharing her knowledge with others. She enjoys taking exotics to events for Animal Services, and explaining how to care for them.  She is currently caring for Sacramento, a California King snake that is up for adoption (warning: she can bite!).  

For most of us, the thought of holding a snake or insect gives us the willies. Not Cora! It's difficult to care for exotics, as they require specialized attention. Her room at home is filled with foster pets and she is willing to be patient as the shelter works on finding them forever homes. Care and concern for animals is her passion! As a biology student at Timberline, she helped breed stick bugs for the classroom (one of her bugs Guacamole, is now pregnant – see photo!).

Cora is currently getting her Associate degree in Biology form SPSCC via Running Start. After graduation in 2019, she plans to complete her schooling at a four-year Washington university (she's been accepted to Central Washington University and has applied to UW). Good luck Cora and thanks to Gateway Rotary for honoring her service above self to exotic creatures!