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NTPS Compassion All-Stars! (1/10/19)

Congratulations to our Help Desk Team for being our Compassion All-Stars and so kindly helping us ALL! 

"I want to nominate the Help Desk function for always being there for me as the new Technology Representative at Evergreen Forest. I am confident that I can address any technology issue in our building because the Help Desk always has my back. I can call them with any issue and I have. They either walk me through the process, send me a little tip, send me a note with instructions on what to do, encourage me, or write up a work order for the issue to be taken care of. Their solutions are quick, courteous, and spot on. I just want them to know how much I appreciate them. I feel successful in keeping my building using their technology because of the support I get from the Help Desk Crew. I could not do my job without you. Thank You so much! Our School District is lucky to have such a talented, professional, and smart Help Desk Crew!" 

-Kim Hecimovich, Evergreen Forest Library Media Specialist

Congratulations to Roger Halterman for being our Certificated Compassion All-Star and going above and beyond to show compassion to his students! 

Roger Halterman

"Roger Halterman is a pillar in the academic community. Roger is a devoted teacher in Lifeskills, but also extends his time, care and guidance to the entire school. In the past month, Roger took on a student who was struggling academically and behaviorally. He made this student a 'teacher' in his classroom. The student is gaining confidence and experiencing success in school! The student is also learning compassion, a broader sense of community, and mentoring peers who struggle in different ways. In addition to the wonderful work, Roger himself models stand-up leadership and forgiveness. Recently, there was an incident in the hall outside of his classroom where Roger experienced assaultive behavior from a student. Although not Rogers fault, when the student returned to school, he took it upon himself to connect with the student, relay he himself has made mistakes and apologized. The interaction ended with a 'fist bump' and a student removed of burden or feeling that Roger may not 'like' them. It is truly above and beyond the job description and I would like Mr Halterman to get recognition for his everyday hard work, leadership and the great work he does with not only special needs or challenging behaviors, but with everyone he encounters. He has made amazing connections and impressions not only on staff, but with some of our most challenged students - it is true talent!"Crystal Garcia, Mental Health Specialist

A BIG thank you to our community business sponsors for providing the awesome prizes! We couldn't do this without you! Thank you for supporting our Compassion Learning Community! 

  • Compassion Baseball Cap - Donated by Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card - Donated by Dell Military, Katherine Barnes 

This month's nominees: 

  • Paul Goff, Transportation Specialist
  • Joel Hawkins - Coach, Nisqually MS 
  • Amy Lewis - Teacher, North Thurston HS 
  • The Help Desk Team
  • Tim Cox - Desktop Support Technician 
  • Roger Halterman - Teacher, Chinook MS 
  • Rebecca Edwards - Teacher, Seven Oaks