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Safe Schools for All

North Thurston Public Schools 
 To NTPS staff, students and families,
One of the primary reasons I took the job as your Superintendent was the district’s focus on compassion and the rich diversity of our community. Having worked here, it is clear that this culture is something we all value. From bus drivers to principals, we make sure every student feels welcome, respected and safe in North Thurston Public Schools.
Our mission is to ensure that every child residing within our district borders receives the academic and life skills necessary to succeed in a diverse world. We want our district to feel safe for all students – no matter their religion, race, culture, gender, sexuality or color. If we hear or are made aware of offensive, bigoted words or actions we intervene. We promote compassionate acts within our schools and community, and empower our students to do the same.
Please know that we have a constitutional duty to educate all school-age children who live within our boundaries. This is a duty within North Thurston Public Schools that we embrace. Public education in our state requires that we welcome all children beginning at age 5 and continuing through graduation or age 21. By law, NTPS does not track a student’s citizenship or immigration status. Further, under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student’s citizenship or immigration status is personally identifiable information that may not be disclosed.
Our students reflect the world we live in – they are problem solvers, they are compassionate, they are brilliant and we are committed to providing a safe and caring learning environment to all our students, every day.
Future so Bright –