• Algebra/Geometry
    Algebra I and Geometry practice tests - End of Year practice test with links to online tutorial videos.

    Cut The Knot
    - a plethera of mathematical resources and games to help with algebra, geometry, arithmetic, probability, and much more.
    Geometry of the Ancients  - An exploration into area, perimeter, and volume.   Topics presented include:- Basic Skills, Concepts, Critical Thinking Problems and Applications, Rectangles, Triangles, Trapezoids, Circles, and more.
    Math Goodies - your free math portal featuring interactive lessons, worksheets, and homework help.
    MathOps  - Free and subscription online prealgebra and algebra course.  It is like having your own private math teacher or tutor, but with interactive lessons you access whenever you are ready.
    Purplemath- Need help with Algebra?  You've found the right place!
    Taxicab Treasure Hunt  - Taxicab geometry is a special kind of geometry that works on city streets.  With it you finally have a chance of finding treasure hidden in the city   of Arborville.
    The Chaos Game - Improve your geometric intuition and algorithmic thinking.

    Problem Solving
    Alive Maths- attractive and engaging environment motivating and encouraging students to mathemitize.  Suited to exploration, manipulation, and representation.
    Figure it out!- Five brain teasers that test your math skills.
    British Broadcasting Corporation- brush up on decimals, fractions, algebra and more  through fun, interactive games, and straight-foward examples to many math problems.
    Enriching Mathematics- math problems, games, and articles.
    Khan Academy  - Watch.  Practice.  Learning almost anything - for free.  Over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic, physics, finance, and calculus. 
    Webmath- Are you stuck on a math problem?  Get help with algebra, geometry, trig, calculus and more.
    Math Beyond School  - a compilation of articles that aims to address the question: Where will I ever use this math?
    Popular Math Games on-line  - a short of of interactive games to play on-line.
    A Mathematics Fantasy - The Million $ Mission   - ever wondered what a billion pennies looked like?
    XP Math- A range of games to help with Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability.  Also shows you careers that require a strong math background.
Last Modified on March 17, 2017