River Ridge Taiko

    Taiko Types

    Different Types of Taikos


    Hira Daiko


    The base beat of the ensemble, the odaiko provides the heart pounding sound that moves the body and soul.

    Size: 24"+ in diameter
    Hira Daiko

    Larger in diameter than in height, making them more convenient for transporting but still allowing for the sound and visual dynamics of full sized taiko.

    Size 14" - 36" in diameter, height is determined by the diameter requested

    Chu Daiko

    Okedo Daiko

    Chu Daiko

    Called chu, josuke or nagadou, this is the workhorse of any taiko ensemble.

    Two standard sizes:
    • The 21" diameter offers a large chu that can move easily from a slant stand to the beta, or down style.

    • The 18" diameter chu provides a smaller, easier transportable option. This size is often requested by customers who want drums in the home or at schools for ease of movement.
    Okedo Daiko
    Body: Made from cedar for light weight, approximately 20 inches tall.
    Heads: Rawhide stretched on rings made from 3/8 inch stainless steel.

    Shime Daiko

    "Big Bertha"

    Shime Daiko
    Body: Typically made from ash or oak.

    Heads: Natural hide stretched on 14 inch diameter rings made from 1/2 inch stainless steel.

    Rope: 1/2 inch diameter rope.
    Size: The bodies are 10 inches in diameter and 7 inches tall.
      Big Bertha
    While technically a Hira Daiko, the extreme dimensions of "Big Bertha" as we call her put her in a class all her own.
    Body: Made from Fir 2 x 4's biscuit joined together.
    Heads: Natural hide.  The drum required two cattle hides to skin with each side needing a 6-foot circle in order to be able to properly skin the drum.
    Size: The drum measures 63" (5 foot, three inches) in diameter and is about 18" deep. 
    Weight:  "Big Bertha" as she is dubbed, weighs in at an estimated 500 lbs when on her stand.  The drum itself is lightweight enough to be carried by two people (better with 4).  The bulk of the weight is actually in the drum's stand which has about 230 lbs. of steel in the custom-made fittings holding the stand together. 
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