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    Below will be posted e-mail messages that have been sent out to taiko students and families...most recent on top.


    Hi folks,


    I have to apologize for not getting group assignments done before yesterday.  I didn’t do that mostly because I am scrambling to make sure that the marching band program is up and running smoothly but I also only have something like 14 agreements turned in which is about half of what I am expecting…it’s kind of hard to figure out who is in what group when I don’t have the information on what works for you all…


    Anyways, we did start rehearsals last night.  I had a lot less in the 4:00 group and almost a full compliment in the 5:30 group.  So, if you didn’t come to rehearsal last night (whether it was because you couldn’t or just didn’t hear from me), please consider the 4:00 time slot.  If you can only come at 5:30 and were not here last night, please e-mail me back ASAP and let me know.  We may be overloaded on that time slot (which means more than 15 people and then we get to share drums or take turns).


    If you have decided to not do taiko after all (I am using the “interest” e-mail list because I don’t have the agreement forms back yet), don’t worry.  I am only going to send out one more e-mail to this list about an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with the theater department this Fall and then I will only be sending taiko e-mails out to those who have signed up.


    If you need a copy of the taiko student agreement, it is attached…pages 4 and 5 are what I need returned…ASAP.  We will be meeting regularly on Tuesdays at either 4 or 5:30 from now on.  Next Tuesday from 5 – 5:30, we’ll start the process of drawing up a formal group constitution (as requested by many of you)…



    Mr. Theine

Last Modified on September 17, 2014